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    Democratic practices in GD | Grain-sunning ground’s new function

    2023-03-05 14:14:25 來源: newsgd.com 閱讀 (17700次)

    In the Hakka area of Heyuan, the word "heping (禾坪)" refers to the open space in front of a house. Such open spaces are usually used for drying grain in the sun.

    Today, "heping" in Guangdong's Foling Village has a new function—a "meeting hall".

    Move the meeting hall to the doorstep

    "When will the village road be widened to six meters?" 

    "The irrigation pond in the Datang area is leaking. I hope the deputies can help solve it."

    "Some street lights in the village are broken."

    Gathering on the "heping", villagers are posing their concerns. The deputies to the Feng'an Town People's Congress and the head of the village listen carefully and note down the key points, before answering the questions in sequence.

    Since September 2021, Feng'an town has been getting villagers, deputies, county sages, and legal advisers together to discuss livelihood issues. The town government will also publicize regulations and ask for feedback in time.

    They called it "Heping Congress (禾坪說事)", a new case of practical democracy at the grassroots level initiated by Feng'an town.

    The "Heping Congress" in Foling Village. (Photo: GDToday)

    Address the issues of greatest concern

    At the "Heping Congress", villager Zhang Shengliang raised his recent concern about the leak of an irrigation pond in the village. There might not be enough water to irrigate his and other villagers' nearly 70,000 square meters of farm land, he pointed out.

    In response, the village quickly conducted an on-the-spot investigation, formulated a restoration plan and raised funds. Now the pond has been successfully repaired and reinforced.

    A bunch of people's most concerned issues has been resolved. For example, the bamboo forest blocked both the riverway and the fields. Or, two brothers had disputes in dividing family properties.

    "Whether it's a big or a small problem, you can raise it at the 'Heping Congress', and will get a response then and there. We can talk it through face to face," villager Wen Shuzhan said.

    The problem of the centralized water supply pool raised at the "Heping Congress" has been resolved. (Photo: GDToday)

    As of February 2023, deputies to the people's congresses at all levels in Guangdong's Feng'an Town had received over 410 issues and suggestions. More than 320 have been implemented, and 80 are in progress.

    These issues cover education and medical care, environmental governance, farmland and water conservancy, traffic, landscape improvement, social assistance and more.

    "I think it provides a platform to all the villagers to take part in the local industries, governance and talent cultivation. I believe it plays a crucial role in developing whole-process people's democracy," said Zhang Weihe, head of Foling Village. 

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